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      Five points to improve the market share of Chinas machine tool industry


      In recent years, the total amount of domestic machine tools has increased rapidly, but the market share is still not high, especially CNC machine tools. At present, most of the high-end products rely on imports, and the middle-end products market also has a large share of imported products. In general, the core competitiveness of the industry is not strong.

      I. insufficient technological innovation capacity

      1. Insufficient investment in basic research, technological research and new product development directly affects the improvement of innovation ability.

      2. The ability to independently develop products is poor, key parts rely on imports, and the digestion, absorption, innovation and improvement of imported foreign advanced technologies are poor.

      3. Scientific and technological talents can not meet the needs of industrial development, especially the lack of technical leaders. There are three disjointed phenomena: research and production, design and manufacturing, new product development and user's personalized demand, which directly affect the development of new products and the improvement of enterprise's technological innovation ability.

      II. Low level of industrialization

      1. The industrial structure is unreasonable. Mainly the level is not high. Luo Baihui, Secretary General of IMA, said that at present, the development of advanced products of machine tools is slow and the market share is low; middle-class products have a certain output, but the competitiveness is not strong; the development of functional components of CNC machine tools lags behind, which seriously restricts the development of domestic CNC machine tools.

      2. There is still a big gap in economic scale and production efficiency compared with developed countries. There are too many production sites, low production efficiency and poor profitability.

      3. Outdated process equipment and backward basic manufacturing technology. The numerical control rate of industrial equipment is only 2-3% on average. The original equipment used to produce ordinary machine tools for mass production of CNC machine tools, in terms of accuracy, efficiency and reliable parts are difficult to meet the use requirements, which hinders the improvement of industrialization level.

      III. poor comprehensive service ability

      1. The service system is not perfect, the service capacity is not strong, and there is still a large gap in market development, complete set of services, etc. Although domestic enterprises have paid attention to the service problem, they are generally lack of research on the user's processing technology, and they are often dealing with the situation passively. The after-sales service of enterprises in the international market is even weaker, and most of them do not have the ability to develop and serve the international market.

      2. The old management mode and mechanism do not meet the requirements of the modern service system, and the ability of quick reflection is poor. There is still a big gap in improving the basic management ability of enterprises by means of informatization.

      IV. inadequate system and mechanism reform

      The reform of system and mechanism has promoted the progress of multi station hydraulic press machine tool industry, but the development is not balanced. Some enterprises still have a big gap in property right diversification, corporate governance structure and the establishment of real modern enterprise system, which directly restricts the improvement of enterprise management level. In the absence of a fundamental solution to the employment mechanism, it is difficult to improve the quality of employees rapidly.

      The gap between the above four aspects reflects the current outstanding problems in the industry, which seriously affect the improvement of the international competitiveness of enterprises.

      The state should give more support to the machine tool industry. Machine tool industry is the basic industry of national economy and an important symbol of a country's industrial level. In order to revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry, the state must first revitalize the machine tool industry. (from China CNC information network)

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