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      Selection of O-ring seals for Shanghai servo hydraulic system


      In the hydraulic press system and its components, the role of designing and arranging sealing devices and sealing elements is to prevent the leakage of working medium and the intrusion of external dust and foreign matter. Therefore, the choice of O-ring seal and its sealing effect directly affect the performance of the product. The O-ring is sealed by being installed in the groove and compressed by the mating part to generate elastic contact pressure. Therefore, the compression ratio is the main design parameter, and its size directly affects the sealing performance and life. Small compression rate, poor sealing, easy to flip and undercut under the effect of oil pressure; large compression rate, increased friction resistance, increased contact pressure, easy to produce fracturing, deformation, distortion, and difficult assembly.

      In the hydraulic press system, there are many process holes, especially the self-designed manufacturing of the overall box or valve block. There are two cases when the block must be closed after manufacturing: one is that it never needs to be disassembled, and the other is One is that it often needs to be disassembled after plugging. The former adopts welding to block. If the process hole is 8mm, the process opening will be enlarged, filled with small cylindrical heads, and then welded to death. The hydraulic machine will be directly welded and easy to drop debris into the process hole. Stepped small cylinders are inserted into the process holes. If the process holes are often disassembled, threads, metal pads, thread ball plugs, and cone plugs can be used.

      O-shaped rubber seals have the advantages of simple structure, good sealing performance, small friction, small groove size, and easy manufacturing. Therefore, they are widely used in hydraulic and pneumatic components. O-ring high-pressure seal joint valve block technology of hydraulic system Orifice is sealed with high pressure.

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