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      Reasons Affecting Speed of Shanghai Servo Hydraulic Cylinder


      Hydraulic valve valve troubleshooting: The hydraulic compressor is a relatively complicated system. Each of the hydraulic system, the operating system, and the cooling system is related to the normal use of the hydraulic machine. The hydraulic valve components are closely connected. And the role in the hydraulic press can be divided into three categories: overflow pressure reducing valve, directional valve, speed regulating valve:

      a. Whether the pilot circle and valve seat are worn is related to the friction of the valve, the noise and the pressure is not high. The weakness of the pressure regulating spring is related to the friction and noise of the valve.

      b. Whether the main spring is weak or broken is related to the low vibration, noise and pressure adjustment of the valve.

      c. Whether the main valve is stuck is related to the invalid pressure regulation. Whether the seal between the main spool and the valve seat is normal, and whether there is any foreign matter is related to the system without pressure.

      d. Whether the main valve core damping hole is blocked is related to no pressure in the system. The wear of the mating surface between the upper part of the main valve core and the valve cover hole is related to the low pressure adjustment.

      e. Whether the mating surface of the main valve and the valve hole has pilling and stagnation is related to pressure fluctuations, pressure rise lags and other symptoms, but also related to internal leakage.

      2. Directional valve (one-way valve, reversing valve, etc.) Disassembly of the electromagnetic (electro-hydraulic) reversing valve of the hydraulic machine equipment, the following aspects of the valve can be checked:

      a. Whether the return spring is weak or damaged is related to non-reset or poor reset.

      b. Whether the putter is bent or not is related to the insensitive commutation. Whether the seal is damaged is related to external leakage.

      c. Whether the valve core is stuck in the valve hole is related to non-reversing. Whether the clearance between the valve core and the valve hole is too large is related to the increase of leakage in the valve and the self-propelled hydraulic cylinder.

      After learning the above methods, you can easily cope with the failure of the hydraulic valve of the numerically controlled hydraulic press, and solve it at will, so that your hydraulic valve of the hydraulic press is unobstructed.

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