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      Kunshan servo hydraulic press installation precautions


      The four column hydraulic press is a kind of machine which is made of Pascal's law and driven by liquid pressure. It can process metal, plastic, rubber, wood, powder and other products. It is commonly used in pressing process and pressing forming process, such as forging, stamping, cold extrusion, straightening, bending, flanging, sheet drawing, powder metallurgy, press fitting, etc. Yintong machinery takes us to understand the installation precautions of the lower four column hydraulic press.

      1. The testing machine shall be installed in a clean, dry and even temperature house without vibration and corrosive gas.

      2. The installation location shall be suitable for operation and maintenance. The installation foundation shall be firm and reliable.

      3. When installing the oil pipe, pay special attention to whether the copper washer in the joint is put on, and whether the oil pipe is clean and unobstructed. Otherwise, it cannot be sealed after screwing the head, and it will also contaminate the oil and hinder the flow of the oil.

      Debugging method

      1. Remove the pressure plate, four column hydraulic press cover plate and positioning core, place the 0.10/1000 square level meter vertically and horizontally on the end face of the piston, find the vertical and horizontal level to ± 1 grid, if it exceeds ± 1 grid, add sizing block on the bottom surface of the lower nut and then align, tighten the anchor nut, and recheck until it is qualified.

      2. Horizontal debugging method of dynamometer body:

      Put the 0.10/1000 square level meter against the inspection plane processed behind the upper box body, and inspect the front and back level. Hang thallium a, B and C on the swing rod, start the oil pump motor to operate for 2-5 minutes, remove the remaining gas in the oil pipe and oil pump, close the oil return valve, open the oil delivery valve, make the piston rise 5-10 mm, close the oil delivery valve (the oil pump motor continues to operate), at this time, check whether the swing rod marking line is aligned with the upper and lower alignment marking lines of the stop frame, or add sizing block under the base, and adjust to the upper and lower alignment marking Align the lines, tighten the anchor nuts and recheck. If there is any error, rotate the balance thallium to adjust.

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